Yoga makes positive changes in your client's lives

Whether you desire to teach yoga as a stand alone business or wish to use it as an additional tool in your work as a fitness trainer, the physiological and psychological benefits of regular yoga practice are well documented in clinical and laboratory research publications. Appropriate for every age and every fitness level, we can teach you to deliver a valuable service and valuable health, fitness, and performance outcomes to your clients.


We are the best in the field and our materials and methods are tried and true. Our standards for our teaching and courses are high, exceeding those set for universities and those within the fitness certification  industry.

Julie Hanson has taught nearly 2000 students to be new Yoga teachers in six countries over the past two decades. Her mastery of Yoga and how to teach it is unparalleled. 

Lon Kilgore PhD is one of the most read academics within the health and fitness arena. His scientific, academic, and practical works are globally regarded. He has taught health, fitness, and sport professionals in 46 countries.

 We are not influencers or investors bent on financial gain. We are studied and experienced practitioners and teachers who are called to create knowledge and to prepare exceptional teachers. 

Note that we intentionally over build our course content beyond the minimum 200 hours. We have spent decades acquiring experience and knowledge and we are not minimalists in the context of teaching it to others. We take extra time and provide extra content to maximize learning and then utility in your practice. You will know more than your contemporaries from other systems and you will be able to explain and teach better as well.


Register for the 200 hour Certified Yoga Teacher program to start your transcript, receive the program navigation guide, and to obtain a fee reduction code good for every Kilgore Academy course you take.

Enroll in the appropriate course in the sequence:

   Yoga Instruction

   Anthropometry & Anatomy

   Supervised Yoga Practice

   Musculoskeletal Anatomy

   Health Screening

   Work-based Learning - Yoga Studio

   Certified Yoga Teacher Exit Assessment

All study materials are included, there are no hidden fees.  Our virtual learning environment is the same as used in universities to ensure maximal learning delivery options and to provide multiple methods of testing student knowledge and practical skills. 

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